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1.Sincere friendship, from birthday candlelight into your heart, infiltrate your beating heart, root lit for you, flowers show you.

2.Without me the birthday party may be a little cold, but, you will have more blessings, because at this time I ah, full of apology, full of blessing!

3.Flying flowers fax love, fine clouds send good luck, take a ray of passing wind, deep blessing wrapped in them, to your side. If happiness is long, it is not in the years. Happy birthday!

4.When I rubbed the magic lamp three times, the lamp God asked me what I wanted to make. I said: I want you to help me bless a person who is reading text messages, I hope that life is happy, always happy.



7.Unforgettable is your pure friendship. Precious is the eternal truth. Glad to know you! My favorite carnation, happy birthday to you.



10.Birthday is worth remembering, because since that moment, many things in the dark, with a new arrangement, including you and I meet, acquaintance, love, let us cherish each other!

11.On this special day, may all the blessings be with our friendship, squeezed into a friend's glass, red deep, to the bottom of my heart. I wish you a happy birthday and happiness.


13.An ordinary day is not ordinary because of you, an ordinary moment is not ordinary because of you, today's world is more wonderful because of you, tonight's sky is more brilliant because of you. Happy birthday!

14.The two green leaves are full of the same root friendship; a congratulation has condensed my blessing to you. Happy to embrace you, on this special day of yours, happy birthday!


16.I wish you a year's wrinkles and a step closer to your wrinkles. May the sunshine of the day bring you light and joy.




20.Light a candle on a delicate cake, light a hope, light a blessing; convey greetings, friendship, good luck on a special day, dear friends, happy birthday to you!

英语老师生日的祝福语 1

21.May your birthday be filled with endless joy, your memories today be warm, your dreams today be sweet, and your year be happy.

22.On this special day, I wish you every day, happy all the year round, beautiful smile, youth is praised. Happy birthday!

23.Long distance, long lines, and long thoughts. Far away space, long time, cut away from the distance! Happy birthday to you.


25.Today is the first step toward maturity. May you walk steadily and steadily along a path full of flowers.

26.On the occasion of your birthday, I sincerely offer you three wishes: I wish you good health; I wish you happiness; I wish you all the best.



29.May the maple leaves like that stretch my pure shallow green in the morning breeze and burn my ardent red in the setting sun for your birthday.

30.The wind of all seasons blows the bells of the years and plays the song of congratulations on your birthday. May you always be full of vitality in your own flower season.

31.Sound of blessing, deep friendship, please take this stream with you, when passing your door to give you. Best wishes for your birthday.



34.There are light poems in the long clouds, light poems with long-lasting happiness, long-lasting happiness with my quiet blessing, happy birthday! Birthday wishes!

35.Ying Ying today is like water, love is like water. Love in my heart, lovesickness is longer than dream. Happy birthday to you! Every day of life is beautiful forever!


37.On this special day, I want to send an old and fashionable blessing: Happy birthday, happy every day, dazzling every day, cool every day, you are the most talented!

38.For many years, every birthday we have not forgotten to give each other a blessing, I hope this life to have this friendship, sincerely wish you a happy birthday!


40.Special day, special blessing, to the most special you, sincere heart, sincere greetings, from the most sincere friends, wish you a happy birthday, happy every day!

英语老师生日的祝福语 2

41.Because the day you came became a beautiful day, and the world has been a bit more tempting ever since. Happy birthday to you, friend!



44.Close your heart and your humorous words and frank temperament. You are a trickle, moistening our hearts, happy birthday.

45.Waiting, just to meet you. Perhaps no one will believe that the flash of light will shine on you and me for a long time. Happy birthday to you!


47.There are spring, summer, autumn and winter in the scenic area of life. Happiness and annoyance lie in mind. The spring rain is gentle and the autumn wind is cool, the summer red is gorgeous and the winter snow is pure. I wish you a happy and happy birthday.

48.Singing a song to wish you a happy birthday, approaching you, expressing my wish, sharing your happiness, and listening to the echo of your youth.





53.On the eve of your birthday, I wish you Pepsi-Cola, everything Fanta, wow-ha-ha every day, Yueyue-Le-Pepsi, happy every year, like Sprite mood, always eye-catching.


55.In the morning, may my blessing, like a bright sunshine, flow in your eyes; in the evening, may my blessing, like a bright moonlight, ripple in your heart! Happy birthday!

56.When the bell's music began, when the pink candles were lit, the laughter and the vague past flashed in the flickering candlelight.


58.If there is a friend in the world, it is like a friend you care for me. My best friend, happy birthday, good luck, good health and happiness in the New Year!



英语老师生日的祝福语 3



63.I wish you health every day, mood is always smooth, troubles are driven away by me, often put you at ease, hand in hand to run a well-off, happy time together.


65.The world is more wonderful with you today, the sky is brighter with you today, the world is warmer because of you today, and I feel happier because of you today. Happy birthday to you!

66.A little gift, a precious friendship, may you like it. This expresses my strong wishes for you. May the sweetness belong to your birthday and all your days.



69.Let me bless you, let me laugh for you, because on your birthday today, my heart is as happy as you. I wish you happiness!

70.In the quiet night, lit dim candlelight, listen to the soft music, tasting strong wine, let me accompany you through a day of unforgettable birthday.



73.On the eve of your birthday, I wish you a very good afternoon in your career. Your body is as strong as a tiger, your money is innumerable, your work is not hard, your leisure is like a mouse, your romance is like a music score, and your happiness is nothing but yours.

74.In this day full of joy, I sincerely wish you a long stay in youth, I wish you a quiet and joyful quietly brought to you, happy birthday!

75.Maybe you are not born for me, but I have the honor to accompany you. May I burn the candle flame of your birthday every year in my lifetime.


77.Shouxing sent Shoutao to your home, I wish you good health, longevity and good health, children and grandchildren are very family-minded, open-minded praise, the heart is always happy to blossom, good luck and wealth!

78.Singing the song "Happy Birthday to You" approached you, expressed my wish, shared your happiness, and listened to the echo of your youth. Happy birthday to you!



英语老师生日的祝福语 4




84.Today is a special day, I'm flying in the blue sky for you good wishes, I hope you in the future every day, a colorful life, endless happiness! Happy birthday to you!

85.Happy birthday to my happy, beautiful, passionate, healthy, confident and energetic friend! May you use your laughter and enthusiasm to infect your fellows.


87.Today is a special day, cake and you spend every sweet day, candles for you to illuminate the way forward, I bless you for your birthday forever. Happy birthday!

88.May my heart be a flower, blooming in your sky, add a little warmth to your birthday, add a beautiful color to your happiness.


90.Dear friends, I want to give you not only a birthday wish, but also a never fading friendship.


92.On this special day, I want to say how happy I am that time hasn't changed our friendship. Happy birthday to you.




96.I would like to like that tree maple leaves, in the morning wind stretch my pure light green, in the setting sun burning my bright red, dedicated to your birthday. Happy birthday to you!


98.You use the graceful rings, compiled into a calendar of ink fragrance; every year, I will be on this day of the calendar, with affectionate miss, bless your birthday.

99.There are four words, will tell you once a year, but yesterday said early, tomorrow said late, today said is punctual, because today is your day: Happy birthday!


英语老师生日的祝福语 5


102.May the wonderful fragrance surround you all the time and make your life full of happiness and joy, bathing in endless joyful years! Happy birthday to you!

103.May my blessing linger around you, in your colorful journey of life, in the rainbow sky where you fly. Wish you a happy birthday! Good mood every day! Always beautiful!








111.Happy Birthday Youth, friends miss to send blessings, shuttle in the rotation of the sun and the moon, sincere friendship is accompanied by long, bright smile in the smiling face, you are the sweetest joy, happiness year after year!


113.Your holiday, your efforts, for the enterprise's tomorrow writing. On this beautiful day, our blessings are as warm as seasons: happy birthday.

114.Long distance, long lines, and long thoughts. Far away space, long time, cut away from the distance!




118.A simple word, a blessing, sent to a distant place of you. Though not always connected, it has never been forgotten. I wish you a happy birthday, and I hope you have a good mood every day!

119.The lover is a flower, holding it in his hand is unwilling to sprinkle; the friend is a scallion, where to catch it; the lover is a hemp, hungry will think of him. Happy birthday to the spring onion!

120.Time is always getting shorter and shorter, birthday is always getting faster and faster, friendship is always getting stronger and stronger, my blessing is also getting deeper and deeper.