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3.Laughing and a good night's sleep at night, morning smile throughout the life emotional appeal, smile and happy after work and busy, worry all smile when sad all throw off, received text messages smile feel really wonderful life。




7.The joy of birds chirping, called out the bottom of my heart; The colour of the flowers opened, blossom the youth; To on the weekend, relax the nerves; Greetings to pleasure each other's heart: have a nice weekend!

8.Put my heart heart heart heart heart heart love dearly beloved regards mind heart heart heart heart heart desire shall be to you! You would like to start from this morning all reassuring comfort heart happy forever!


10.Early in the morning on the way to go out to work, the shimmering day vague with a little smile of chaoyang inside collect, as if to bless my busy schedule and work today…… Also wish you today good luck!

11.The health when work, hard to do。 Your happiness, when life seriously。 The happy when dream, insist on persistent。 The peace when greeting, with at any time。 Beauty is in our hands, let everybody smile to develop!

12.Sweat is a busy week, tired, the body still week, buckled, the heart be agitated for a week, helpless, at the weekend, have a rest, yangxin, active, kind, quiet, resting to restore energy。



15.In the early morning wind, expel the mood of be agitated; In the early morning mist, stop the steps of sorrow; Happy early in the morning dew, write notes; Blessing in the morning, the happy journey; Good morning, friend!

16.Infinite things in life, there are few follow, not sad life, just sigh a way。 Rose-tinted spectacles, levine setbacks, rich life hundred flatters, success up。

17.On Monday, work carefully, work busy importance on Tuesday, Wednesday work so-so, Thursday work done faster, end work on Friday, the rest to play games on Saturday, on Sunday not to get up early, late really glad mood over the weekend, happy weekend!

18.The life is happy, don't bother! The body is their own, don't be lazy! Money is consumption。 Don't save! Is the leisure over the weekend, don't busy! Friends are forever, don't forget! Blessing is for you, don't thank!


20.Failure is not terrible, frustration is not hateful, inverse vexed not gas, use learning mood to evaluate dilemma, growth will meet by chance, will not mature period, people will also gain wisdom。

英语经典祝福语 1

21.From the north wind blowing, cold, my missing follow; The sun, warm, my blessing will be coming to me。 Best wishes to you to get up early, to run around in the morning, the mood is better, the disease will never to find。

22.Life is stressful, during the day, energy, have evening, lack of sleep; Busy from time to tome, dynamic, when idle, relaxed。 To face pressure, easily face, good morning!

23.Maybe work tired, maybe life very vexed; When the setting sun has gone far, rest at the moment is the most crucial; May happiness always around you, wish good dream come true; I wish good night!

24.Give sincere greetings to it with morning dew morning creek, cool, moist heart pleasant! Sound blessing bagpipes, pure wish you happiness forever! A friend is a mountain, towering over, with the heart。

25.In this days full of joy, after a long absence, may the coming New Year bell and give you a peace and joy, and blessings。


27.To move a new home, change the mood; Live a bridal chamber, put a joy; Change a new house, have a heart; Come to a new building, embellish a heart。 Friends, I wish you a happy move, happy happy life, happiness for a long time!


29.God of fortune, you will be happy on Monday, Tuesday, wedding, healthy on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, happy, happy weekend, thrilled。







36.Sorrow to throw, bother to hide, don't heart put pressure; Bubble bath, teasing and bird, both should be comfortable and happy; Taste delicacies, small wine to drink, life meimei smile; Message, in her hand, I wish you a good and easy weekend!



39.New job new start, new journey heart go, leave the ivory tower life of the campus, step into the workplace, the first day, with humility, bring the joyful mood, work hard。

40.Thoughts do not change due to fatigue, greeting is not because of tired and lazy, blessing not for rest and slow, concern with the stars blink of an eye, still cared about in the middle of the night, gently say: good night to you!

英语经典祝福语 2



43.Smile, like a wisp of cool breeze, copying out of the joy of life! Cry like a drop of ice, translation out the hardship of life。 Friends! This is life, brave to face, I believe will exercise a special one you!


45.There are some things, is mianmianzhong doomed, even if not willing to, also can bear。 Along the way, don't be afraid of silence and loneliness, only they will be staying with us。 Good night。




49.Spring scenery is good, the sun, the grass is green the magpies call。 Willows swinging, kite floating, the flower bud to open。 Heart smile qiao, free and unfettered, beauty you drunk。 Happy weekend to go outing, let no worries!

50.Then a beautiful weekend, my friend, fly hurried footsteps, and heavy work! Have happy to accompany, happy to stay! This weekend, let's have fun and easy!


52.Finally the weekend, come out around with his tired heart, to feel the beauty of the sunset, listen with your heart lead son breeze, looked up and enjoy the autumn sky, let the mood fly freely, have a nice weekend!

53.Don't sleepy, don't get drunk, after all don't too tired; Don't buy expensive, don't waste, anyhow should benefit; Happy waiting, good luck follows, in short mood beauty; The weekend leisure, enjoy a good sleep, anyhow double happiness。


55.Scenery everywhere in life, why not stop in time。 There is not mountain view the sun, because peak。 What foot racing career, difficult only a gust of wind。 As long as we work hard, stay on future success!



58.The morning, a beautiful day started again, get up, breathing pure and fresh, embrace the sun; Smile, happy mood, happy day。 Good morning, wish you have a good mood!


60.Assertiveness is better than wisdom; Emotional intelligence is better than the IQ; The will is more important than knowledge; Action beyond the concept; Fully won advantage; Thought decided to near and far。 May I suggest to topic and wish you success!

英语经典祝福语 3


62.Sow a mentality, harvest a kind of thinking; Sow a thinking, harvest a habit; Sow a habit, harvest a character; Sow a character, harvest a kind of fate。 I wish you a happy happy living, career success!


64.Day give you warm, the month give you warm, I bless you, wish you happy dense like raindrops, trouble fly away like a cloud, the extinction of dinosaurs, happiness sweet like honey。 I wish you good mood every day!

65.If the heart tired, I give you comfort; If the life is very tired, accompanied by my heart; If happy, my happiness back were not in vain! Happy weekend!



68.Let it go with the wind, let the sad a trace; Let happiness like drizzle, the sky beautiful forever。 Care never changes, the blessing forever warmth。 I wish you a happy weekend!

69.Smile today? Often smile in a good mood。 Have a meal on time today? Dietary health。 Today you sleep well? Getting enough sleep will is everything all right! I wish you good mood every day, everything goes well, happy and happy!




73.The weather is good today sunny, the wind blowing spirit, on Wednesday to don't be nervous, you will soon have a holiday, a day is not negative, don't Halloween, son diffuse far long way to happiness。


75.Forget the fatigue of the work in the day, aside from the daily life trivial, let xixi breeze when bed, let filar silk cool when, wishes let me accompany you to sleep, good night!


77.The flowers of spit to greet chaoyang, the rain glide to meet the morning; Corners of the mouth a button for SMS, eyebrows curved for a blessing; Permeated with a good mood, I wish you a happy happy life。 Good morning!


79.Sweet memory is popcorn, romantic love is a rose, the scent of green tea is jasmine, rich flower is a friend's blessing, I wish you a windfall shu wealth together over the weekend, the most important thing is happy。

80.Overworked one day, just for three meals。 Easy or hard, bitter, sour and sweet。 The more vegetarian heart Ann, quiet zhiyuan。 Free money, warm heart intimate talk。 Good planning tomorrow, friends you good night!


82.In this quiet night, the stars take my miss to you, the thick blessing! Let my blessing can dissipate the fatigue of a day do you work and worry! Good to sleep with you! I wish you a good night!