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2.Get together again meet again separation, separation; The autumn wind blow the wilderness, a period only for a moment。 I will cherish you my friendship, more looking forward to meet moment。

3.Meet and farewell, GuiFan offshore again, it is in the past the end of the joy, the beginning of happiness in the future。

4.Think we used to sit at the same table, after the university entrance exam to go their own way, in the heart is。 Students, the future take care!





9.Lost is the time of the day, leaving the most precious friendship is you and me。

10.I loathe to give up you go, but I can't see you go to retain, can only say: "I wish you a pleasant journey!"



13.Separation, it is a bit difficult, but not disappointed; Is a little regret, but not pessimistic。 Because we have met in comfort。

14.I just want to in the limited days, let you experience the deepest love for you, I also give myself a happy or sad memories!



17.No matter how far we apart, my heart always lead with you!

18.In the season of miss, please don't forget me, like I always not forget you。

19.After a year, seems to be very long ago, we will miss you, I hope you miss us。

20.Life long, you and I encounter and separation。 Together is always short, respectively is long, only can let each other heart closely, never to be parted。

英语离别祝福语86句诗 1


22.Here today, I really don't know whether to be happy, or sad。

23.Water in a hurry, years in a hurry, only friendship forever in the heart。 Farewell, my friend! Take care, my friend!

24.The birds and fish love each other。 But, they live in two worlds。 Then, the bird flies to another sea area sadly, the fish swam to the deepest seabed。




28.We have to separate, light tone say goodbye; Hearts with gratitude, thank you gave me a profound friendship。

29.My dear friends, please don't be sad, leave to treasure each other in the future。 Bloom the most brilliant smile, give a more beautiful dream tomorrow。

30.Leave meet up。and, take acacia grass germination, but the green post road, loads the miss of separation。



33.Silently I took full moon of the given sections, to weave a lovesickness dream, sent to the distance of your remote。

34.Parting is not away from, but the beginning of the expedition。 I look forward to in the journey of the expedition side by side with you!

35.Friends always at heart, the bosom friend is precious。 The lamplight, good friends, small order and good news。 Hope friends see - such as people, always not forget friends heart。





40.Separation is temporary, life is eternal, leave breeding lovesick affection, make our love more hot。

英语离别祝福语86句诗 2

41.Recall the time we meet together, my mood fan fan now。 Your vigorous body always with moonlight come into my dreams, let me worry about。


43.Life long, encounter and separation。 Can let each other heart closely, never to be parted。

44.No matter the ends of the earth, only wish you can remember me, let my thoughts have a port of arrival!



47.Let's bless each other with happy future, forever。




51.Misty rain in accordance with the preceding, frost plexus wheatgrass s。 w。 With whom to share sweet to mining? Last year under the flower, like butterflies fly today。

52.Although time flies, you my friendship forever!


54.We firmly with both hands shake, let the feeling in your hands gently scrape, sharing a unforgettable warmth。

55.You are in my thoughts every minute of the day, I, at night, I dreamed of you all the time。

56.I want to leave you, because you lied to me, please don't come to me, don't make a phone call, just when I was in this sad evaporation in the world!


58.Gathering is in a hurry, also in a hurry, flowers bloom always infinite, only friendship hidden in the heart。

59.Although the time and space will separate us, may we remember our most sincere friendship and blessing。


英语离别祝福语86句诗 3

61.Respectively, we lingered not tears, relatively, speechless。 Look at the sunset through wenfeng spire, sprinkle it reflects in the western qing river。

62.The world vicissitudes of life, is not painful moments respectively? In order to cause, we let the parting tears falling。



65.I hope you will think of me from time to time as I shall be thinking of you often。


67.In this intersection, let us shake hands again: say: take good care, friend。


69.Farewell is one of the most uncomfortable moment, wish you a pleasant journey, hope you can come back again in the near future。

70.The time we spent in love have wings, when we leave, they have become the spiritual pillar of us。


72.The tears of separation, add new spray for the long river of memory; The blessing of separation, the beginnings of the meet again。






78.For we are about to set foot on the road, for we will face in the future, let's bless each other。


80.Don't be disappointed on the journey of life。 There are friends in the world。 Seize your chance and value your opportunities。 May our friendship be everlasting。

81.Time does not water down the wine of friendship; distance dose not separate our hands of longing, bless you, forever!



84.Three spring, summer, autumn and winter, a warm and harmonious song, we sing together, is a lifetime。