英语祝福语 朋友(祝福朋友的话语 英语)

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英语祝福语 朋友(祝福朋友的话语 英语)


2.No matter how far the road is, no matter what the ends of the earth, I also want to send you this heartfelt blessing.


4.Stay up late because you don't have the courage to end the day; stay up because you don't have the courage to start the day. Good morning!

5.I would like to share the joys and sorrows with you and seek the perfect tomorrow in the revitalization of our common cause.

6.The friendship is everlasting, no matter how far the road is, no matter the ends of the earth, I also want to give you this heartfelt blessing.?>

7.Great man is great because when he is in adversity with others, others lose confidence, but he is determined to achieve his goals.



10.I'm glad it's your birthday today. The teacher said I'm a gift from God. I hope it's not too bad. Happy!

11.The red clouds after the rain, sincere friendship after parting, flowing water is not blocked by stones, friendship is not alienated by distance.






17.Those who walk in the desert hope for sweet springs; those who struggle in adversity long for sincere friendship.

18.Please forgive me for this time. I promise I will not make the same mistake next time. Forgive me. I'll wait for you next time.

19.May health and happiness surround you like the sun shining on the earth, and may luck and happiness drift around you like the spring rain moistening all things.

20.There was a concert and I heard several colleagues say it was great. I have tickets. Let's go and have a look.

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22.My heart beats for you every day. I am moved by you every minute, and I worry about you every second. It feels good to have you.




26.Do not bring your own troubles because of the ignorance of all sentient beings. Do not suffer from the ignorance of all beings.


28.Smoking is a very old-fashioned way of showing off. In order to be healthy, you should take two less.


30.When the frost falls, the temperature drops suddenly: Drop the good things in pairs, drop the happiness and longevity in pairs, drop the fortune and fortune in pairs, let the frost fall more fiercely!

31.When winter is cold, our slogan is: "sticking to the end is victory." As long as we live, there is hope without death.




35.Years go by, the true love is still there; a hundred miles apart, but the separation is continuous; the night is long, the stars shine; sincere prayer, left and right company.



38.Thank you for your care, thank you for your help, thank you for everything I do at any time, please accept my sincere wishes!

39.People are iron, rice is steel, a meal do not eat hungry panic, eat good drink and rest, the body will be more healthy!

40.Trickling water is not blocked by stones, sincere friendship is not alienated by distance, my dear friends, we wish the water of friendship, often contact!

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41.Acquaintance is the will of God, acquaintance is the will, plus is friendship, affection is intentional, we can get together, because the heart has rhinoceros.

42.Work together, meet as friends, love as relatives, help each other, live in harmony, wish you happy every day.

43.The time we spend in love grows wings, and when we leave, they become our spiritual pillars.



46.Every day three smiles, seven or eight full people are not old, meet and do not ask to stay in spring, quiet is better than medicine.


48.Gently, a wisp of spring breeze brushed the cheeks, causing a ripple. Leisurely, brings your breath, in the recollection, sweet.




52.My kindness please, it is up to you to decide, you are happy so I am happy, I wish you happy every day, happy.

53.Reality will tell you that if you don't work hard, you will be trampled to death by life. There is no need to find any excuses.



56.At the first warm and cold season, a message leaked from the tree top: New Year's money came, and send a deep blessing.


58.Health is the greatest cost of a person. Never lose money for money. Without capital, there will be no money.



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61.Gently greeting, do not want to disturb you, only wish you work! Stay in your heart and wish you a happy holiday.

62.Send a faint word, send a deep affection, I wish you every success.


64.Happiness is called being with you; there is a missing called wanting to wear; there is a good friend who will treasure my information!

65.Meet and say goodbye, sail and leave, is not only the end of joy in the past, but also the beginning of happiness in the future.

66.Blessing is a real intention, not a thousand words. A heart song, wish you peace and good luck!



69.Hide the sun in your heart and make it a wonderful dream; braze friendship in your heart and make it a sweet thought.



72.Cheer up, friends, wherever you are, luck and happiness always accompany you.

73.The spring breeze in February touched my hair tips, bringing me not only silk confusion, but also a chill.



76.God created fingerprints because he wanted people to know that everyone has scars. Good night!

77.Friendship is a lamp, the brighter it is; friendship is a river, the deeper it flows; friendship is a flower, the more beautiful it opens; friendship is a wine, the more fragrant it is.

78.I think, I want, I wish, only for you, love you is like this, can it?


80.Perhaps it was a baptism of wind and rain that made the collision between the heart clearer and louder, more brilliant and brilliant.

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83.Thank you for your concern for us all the time. May all happiness follow you and wish you good health and good luck.

84.Wishing you every success in the coming year with your keen wisdom and full strength.

85.We had to part and say goodbye in a low voice. Thank you for giving me a deep friendship.


87.The lotus flower is open to the heart, and the heart and heart are interwoven. I wish you a happy new year.

88.A sincere blessing represents a sincere heart. Let your smile appear on your face when you read the message.

89.You like romance, you pursue reality; you look for life in your dreams, and dream in your life. I wish you happiness and happiness.


91.The blue sky kisses the ocean, the ocean nestled against the blue sky, and I write the blessing on the blue sky and blue waves.

92.I sincerely congratulate you on your opening. I wish you all the best in the years to come.







99.May we yearn for love in relentless desire for love in love.