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1.It is courage to persist in what you should do. It is another courage to never do what those conscience does not allow. Good night!

2.Parting, a bit difficult to give up, but not disappointed; a little sorry, but not pessimistic. Because the hope of meeting is comforting.


4.The amount of things in your mind is related to your future. If you want to grasp eternity, you must control the present.

5.When I wake up, I miss you so much. I send you short messages all the time. I haven't seen you for a few days. I wish you good mood every day.?>

6.Business is a link between us. Our business is flourishing and our friendship is blooming.


8.No matter when and where, happiness and happiness will always accompany you.


10.Deep friendship and blessings, lingering thoughts and greetings, in this beautiful day, I wish you with flowers.

11.Come on, here's a bright future. Come here, smiling face. Those who dare to open up are willing to give life for creation.



14.Happiness is by your side at the dawn of the morning, the bright sun at noon, the smile in your heart, and the sunset at evening, the joy of the day with you.



17.When it rains, remember to bring your umbrella. When you are cold, buy yourself a cup of hot milk tea. Don't be unkind to yourself.

18.The spring breeze in February touched my hair tips, bringing me not only silk confusion, but also a chill.

19.Blue sky and clear sea have many sides, only friendship is endless. Bless you with sincere love.


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22.In this cold winter, I give the sun a raise, give the rain a holiday, I wish you a warm winter, happy every day.

23.In such a season, I would like to send my sincere wishes to you, wishing happiness always around you.



26.Even if I had one hundred powers, I would have saved two hundred to attack, not just to gamble.

27.No matter yesterday, today or tomorrow, it is a happy day to make friends with you. Good friends, simple, good fate forever!



30.My missing is the wind, from spring to summer, from autumn to winter, as long as your curtain gently fluttering, I am quietly calling you.

31.I just say hello to you. I hope to hear your laughter on my mobile phone. I just think of your smiling eyes and your singing at night.

32.Road, trees on both sides, flowers spread, just call the road, go too fast may not be good, pacing scenery is happy, I wish you happy every day!





37.Life is rich and life is beautiful. I want to travel. I hope you can travel all over the motherland and the land of China.

38.I will never erase your memory, please occasionally think of me, look at me, and wish all the best and happiness.



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41.Happiness is when I have coins that I want to ride with me by bus, when I have no coins that I want to walk with me walk!


43.The warbler flies to the sky in July, and in another half a year, Clockwork SMS sends wishes: good health and more money!

44.With the coming of the new year, I am one year older than the head of the enterprise. I wish to grow up with the company. I wish the company's performance grows year by year.




48.Don't forget my friendship easily! I remember thinking and remembering how lovely my friend is!

49.There is always risk in competition, dare to take risks and responsibilities and win the competition.



52.The silver wave is the note, the sail is the word, bless you to be carefree, take advantage of the wind and waves, and open up great expectations.



55.Work together, meet as friends, love as relatives, help each other, live in harmony, wish you happy every day.



58.May your birthday be filled with endless joy, your memories today be warm, all your dreams be sweet, and your year be happy.

59.May the fragrance of flowers bring you warmth and happiness.

60.I hope you'll have a smooth trip and complete your mission very well. I'll be here waiting for you to come back and pick you up when you come back.

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62.Thank you for coming into my life and playing the role of a friend. Maybe you are not the only best, but you are the most wonderful in my life.

63.Friendship does not require anything, but it has a kind of warmth that we all can understand.




67.Dear baby, I'm not around you, you have to take good care of yourself, to eat on time, on time to rest.

68.Looks will never be forgotten. Let the flame of love be kindled naturally in our bosom.


70.The road to work, the pouring of sweat, the footsteps after work, the input of hard work, I wish you a happy work.

71.What should be treasured becomes memory; what should not be treasured has been forgotten. The warm winter sun still shines on me, and I hope you too.

72.There is no way to lose or lose in life. Good morning, good mood, all the way people!

73.Tomorrow morning farewell, I hope the clouds, the sun has been accompanying you to the distant horizon; flowers, green grass with you to spread a far-reaching future!



76.In the workplace, do things without rigid style, dare to innovate, forge ahead, change and seek stability, as long as you dare to move forward, success is yours!

77.What are you doing? I miss you. I really want to become a little bug, drill into your ear, see you still bother me.



80.If the world is full of ice and snow, I will stick to the last leaf, my thoughts will be green painted your day, waiting for spring!

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81.Let me accompany you to drift in the sea, just to be able to do the oar in your hand, no matter how big the wind and waves, how thick the wind and rain, you always have me beside you.



84.Spring is coming, cuckoos are cheering "Quick Seed", come on, let you and I sow the seeds of hope, to welcome the arrival of spring!

85.Before the rain, the frost was like old Fangfei. Who is the same drunk? Last year we spent the next year.